Emotionally Disturbed Children are being diagnozed more and more In this fast paced world of ours. Be it in America, Europe or Asia. We can't deny this growing emotionally dilemna. These are children with emotional issues. They show a behavior that differentiate them from the general population thus affecting their ability to perform well in school and giving them a disadvantage in socially interacting with other children.

We here at Emotionally Disturbed strive to give you every bit of information you need. As we all know the term emotion is Energy in Motion. This is a vast subject to be compress in a page or two. I will strive to collect as much information I can on this subject so that I can help you.

The usual characteristics of Emotionally Disturbed Children are the following: 1. The child finds it hard to learn at school or at home because of the condition making it hard for them to perform well physically and mentally. 2. You can notice that the child will demonstrate unusual rage or anger in normal situation. 3. The child gets irritated fast. 4. He can appear unhappy and generally depressed. 5. The child has trouble with social interaction with his environment including both children and adults.

These are only guidelines and I believe that one must seek the help of qualified psychologist to further confirm the situation of the child.

These are unique and special children so we should not let this situation alone affect the life of the child. Always remember to avoid stressing the child. Often it will help to keep their surroundings organized.

The entire participation hugely exceeded all our expectations.

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Show them how to enjoy life by going out with them during weekends and asking what they want and need. It is important however that we control giving as we don't want to spoil the child.

It is not shameful to have or know an emotionally disturbed child. I won't go into detail on how much emotionally children are out there, people don't openly admit them but I can assure you that these children needs to be loved. What these children needs are attention. Show them how to appreciate their life, give them the gift of gratitude. For adults, I would recommend meditating but for children simply having quality time with loved ones will help a lot.

Early intervention is a must for emotionally disturbed children. Don't let this get out of hand if you are already seeing signs of them being emotionally disturbed. There are different organizations available to help these children. I will be gathering as much of this information for you.